Evora With Volt Batteries And Tesla Model S Engine Is Astonishing

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So, this is the Lotus Evora with Chevrolet Volt batteries, but with a freaking ...

So, this is the Lotus Evora with Chevrolet Volt batteries, but with a freaking Tesla Model S electric motors for a total output of more than 460hp. Considering that the most powerful petrol-powered Evora actually can barely churn out 410hp, this monster machine tends to be the fastest Evora of all time.

Made by a bunch of enthusiasts at Blue Lightning who took about six months to develop and construct a car, this particular Evora is in the midst of completion. They are taking the thing for the last tests before it becomes fully road legal. Only things they have to do to complete it is to integrate servo steering assistance and, presumably, better brakes.

While the thing sounds like a Star Trek ship going into Warp drive, we have to say the Evora is seriously fast as well. It is already road legal (to some degree we presume), but the sheer violence about its acceleration gives us chills even by watching this thing on the YouTube.

See, the Tesla engines really have a lot of torque, and just by unleashing it all in a short burst can definitely put a dramatic strain on the axles. But they work well for now although the owner of this awesome Lotus said, they will probably break at some point.

So, the car will be complete in a few days and then we can expect to see some awesome videos – including some comparison videos as well.

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