This Is An Example Of Terrible Road Infrastructure

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Do you know that feeling when you are casually cruising down the highway, minding ...

Do you know that feeling when you are casually cruising down the highway, minding your own business, and only to find your car thrown up in the air by the apparently invisible object?

No, of course you don’t, because you live in the civilized part of the world where the people in charge with the road works and signaling are not the bunch of ignorant murderers.

This video, however, tells the different story. It’s yet another example that strengthens my belief that xenon or LED headlights and should be considered safety features and more and more carmakers should have them installed as standard on as many models as possible.

Poor visibility at the night can have some pretty disastrous effects, if it also happens to be raining or foggy, then a danger is increased tenfold.

Of course, people have been driving with halogen lamps for the long time and the number of accidents didn’t necessarily show any connection with evolution of technology until recently. But that is to be put on the well-thought-out infrastructure, and with careful signaling and as few surprises as possible for the drivers.

That wasn’t the case for this guy in this video. This incident can probably be blamed on the lack of the earlier sign to warn the motorists about a change of direction, and the driver himself is not completely guilt-free.

After all, it is clear he did notice something was off since he can be seen hitting the brakes, and his reactions are poor, if not completely absent.

On the other hand, the hard concrete barrier only makes sense if there is something that needs to be protected on the other side, or if this driver is better off hitting the obstacle instead of going over to the other side.

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