Exceptional Aston Martin DB11 You Have To Know About

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Aston Martin DB11 is new large Aston Martin grand tourer with the V12. Yes, a V12. ...

Aston Martin DB11 is new large Aston Martin grand tourer with the V12. Yes, a V12. No playing around here. V12 with 5.2 liters of capacity can go a long way especially with 600hp it produces in its stock form for the DB11.

We cannot wait to see what kind of power will they source from it for some other versions that are down the line in next decade. Yes, a decade. The DB9 was a long time on the market. No reason for the DB11 to shorten the stay is it!?

Now, this car is all about luxury, elegance and incredible attention to details. What is more, Aston Martin, after signing a cooperation deal with the AMG, got a chance to source some of the tech from the Germans. All the high-end infotainment stuff, stalks, and interesting elements come from high-end Mercedes-AMG cars.

And this is a good thing because everything will just work and never break down. And that is the most sensible thing Aston Martin could do to spoil their customers further.

As ever, watch Doug deMuro explain a lot of stuff about the DB11 and you’ll find out many interesting quirks and high-end features this car comes with.

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