Expensive Mistake By Mechanic End’s With UPSIDE DOWN Truck!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Here we have one video that shows exactly why you need to choose your vehicle ...

Here we have one video that shows exactly why you need to choose your vehicle mechanic carefully. We all know that the mechanics are doing mistakes while they are working on our cars, but most of the time nobody sees them and there are things that are left unsaid.

Well, now this mechanic had the camera in his work garage and unfortunately it was rolling. We can see how the car was lifted in the air, then suddenly the vehicle unhinged from the rig turning sideways and falling.

Well, this is scary as hell for the mechanics too because in other cases there were victims of turned over vehicles.

These guys had too much luck that they weren’t under the car at the moment when it fell down. It is the heavy one and surviving such a hit is the small chance.

There are many possibilities why this accident happened and why a truck didn’t hit the floor too. This is one bad car lift at the vehicle mechanic because it has one post for lifting.

Most of the rigs that can be found in the garages have two lifting posts. Well, one goes at the front and one at the back and it is very tight when the car is up in the air. Now this lift has only one post and it is very dangerous to use it.

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