The Most Extraordinary Unload Ever: The Canadian Style

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Even though we mostly talk about cars, bikes and trucks on this website, we still ...

Even though we mostly talk about cars, bikes and trucks on this website, we still like to write and share videos covering different topics every now and then. This is exactly what we’re doing today, and our topic is unloading timber! For those of you who know, the wood industry is especially developed in Alaska, which has the high percentage of forest on its land acreage. In Alaska, it is common to let the tree logs float in rivers, because it drastically reduces costs. However, the video below we are sharing with you today shows us how they unload timber in Canada. This is probably a weirdest way of unloading timber in the world, but as long as it works, we can`t really criticize it. As you can clearly see in this video, after the trees are cut, the tree logs are transported by ship. In this video, the ship carries several hundreds of tons of wood, it barely stays afloat! However, the shocking moment is not that it transports so much wood, but the way it dumps the tree logs in a river! It almost looks like it is sinking, but in reality, it is only bent this way so that the tree logs can slide into the water! Well, for us, it looks really weird, we highly recommend you watch the video and see this process yourself.

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That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!