F-18 Tries To Get Inside Of A C-130 Hercules Mid-Flight? Crazy Close

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The F 18 fighter aircraft is one of the most resourceful weapon in US Navy ...

The F 18 fighter aircraft is one of the most resourceful weapon in US Navy arsenal. Combining the agility and speed of the fighter and having the massive power of a light bomber – the F 18 is the lethal weapon.

A real marvel of modern aircraft design. It is every pilot`s dream to fly one. On the other hand, the Lockheed C-130 revolutionized military airlift. Well, the C-130 saved the lives of thousands of troops in the field.

We dedicate the video below to our pilots who fly this incredible machinery. The video also proves that our military pilots are the best. A massive amount of skill takes place here.

In this one, we have both the F 18 fighter aircraft and the C-130 Hercules. You can see how the fighter jet is entering this massive transporter for things like maintenance, repair and overhaul.

However, this is not the usual process. In the video below, both of these pilots are attempting to bring their two extremely expensive aircrafts to position for the photoshoot.

You can see the photographer onboard the C-130 taking pictures of the fighter jet as it prepares to enter. And this takes tremendous concentration and skill.

Both of these pilots completely nail the maneuver. And we would really like to see the pictures taken during this photo shoot.

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