F10 BMW M5 Walks Away From Cadillac CTS-V In Drag Race

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In theory, the driver of the 2016 Cadillac CTS-V shouldn’t have anything to ...

In theory, the driver of the 2016 Cadillac CTS-V shouldn’t have anything to worry about when coming across the F10 BMW M5, especially not when we are talking about the standard” 560 PS model.
However, the video below shows the opposite. We’re dealing with the 2016 CTS-V that goes up against the outgoing M5.

The two duked it out over in Germany, using the airfield as their playground. They went for the rolling start, with the pair of super-sedans racing on the separate occasions to make sure the results of this battle are relevant.

And yes, the CTS-V got trampled by the M Division 5er. Well, let’s talk figures. In terms of the power-to-weight ratio, the Caddy easily tops the M5, as we are dealing with 3.1 kg per hp versus 3.6 kg per hp.

Torque? It’s a same thing – the F10 M5 comes with the meaty 502 lb-ft (680 Nm), but that’s no match for GM’s LT4, which delivers 630 lb-ft. In the transmission department, though, the BNW M5’s dual-clutch seven-speed tranny is quicker than the eight-speed torque converter of the CTS-V.

According to the GTBoard, both the Cadillac and the BMW seen here come in stock condition, and that might not be true for the Bavarian four-door.

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