Fabulous Autonomous Drive By Drive.ai On Heavy Weather

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We have seen that GM autonomous Bolt driving around the San Francisco yesterday. ...

We have seen that GM autonomous Bolt driving around the San Francisco yesterday. Today, we have one more autonomous car video. This is the Drive.ai video demonstrating its car driving through the rain. It is one of few videos showcasing how autonomous cars fight with the heavy weather and anything else. Like broken lights, unusual stuff on the roads and that.

“Any successful self-driving technology will need to address countless unpredictable situations and a wide range of driving conditions, yet few are able to today,” Drive.ai wrote in a blog post to unveil the video.

Drive.ai is a startup in an autonomous drive technology. They developed the system, worked on “deep learning technology” and hope to launch it on the market when the whole autonomous cars business take off.

The thing about this particular drive is that we aren’t really sure it’s pouring heavily outside. Nevertheless, thanks to the Drive.ai we have a chance to see how the cars would drive themselves in all conditions.

We are definitely a few years of the first mass production autonomous car, but it will happen sooner or later. Even large companies are working on it and we can expect that some large company look into the Drive.ai and buys them. It’s happening all the time.

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