Fantastic Aston Martin V8 Vantage Does Not Grab Attention At All

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If you wonder how people react to seeing a grey Aston Martin, this is the video to ...

If you wonder how people react to seeing a grey Aston Martin, this is the video to watch. Only days before selling his Aston Martin, Doug DeMuro filmed a video showing how people react to his exotic British sports car.

And it is nothing you’ve ever hoped for. You know why!? Because people were generally unexcited by it. What is more, they do not even notice the grey two-door Aston Martin with a V8 engine on the streets. It is quite unsettling to say the least.

Before we see an Aston Martin in this video Doug DeMuro actually showed us how people reacted before to DeMuro’s Ferrari 360 Modena. Nevertheless, the Aston Martin is a cool car, but not as flashy as the Ferrari.

In all honesty, it is not created to attract the attention of your everyday person, but just of those who can definitely appreciate the absolute aesthetic perfection Brits made with the Aston.

In this case, we are not seeing the top-notch Aston Martin, but a 2007 V8 Vantage. It is actually called the Baby Aston as it is smaller than the full-fledged DB9 and it does have a far smaller engine – 4.3-liter V8.

Doug DeMuro bought it, drove and then sold it to his fellow Jalopnik colleague a few days ago. It is probably a perfectly preserved instance regardless of all the testing done to it.

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