Fantastic C7 Corvette Grand Sport Appears On The Drag Strip

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Chevrolet Grand Sport always was a machine crafted for those who wanted a bit of ...

Chevrolet Grand Sport always was a machine crafted for those who wanted a bit of real sporty bite and racing bark out of this American exotic. 2017 Corvette Grand Sport is maybe the best there ever was and apart from the fantastic driving capabilities and dynamics, the car also sounds glorious.

Meet the one filmed at Royal Purple Raceway. This is “her” first appearance at the drag racing circuit and if you listen really hard you will definitely hear the growl of its fabulous engine. Now, the Grand Sport is not exactly a drag racing machine, but a glorious representation of a sports car made in the US. It can do some twisties and rather well that is.

The Grand Sport received a Z06 body kit, but also a specially tuned suspension. It does look the business and, more importantly, it can drive some serious laps around any track.

As a matter of a fact, the C7 Corvette Grand Sport is probably the most manageable Corvette on the race track there ever was. Think about it – it does not have extreme power for the Z06 so no one will die, it does have awesome suspension and a grip only a few cars have and then – it is also crazy loud. We want one. We want one now.

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