Fantastic Ferrari FXX K Flat Out At Monza Is Astonishing

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The Ferrari FXX K is the ultimate Ferrari one can drive. Apart from their F1 car ...

The Ferrari FXX K is the ultimate Ferrari one can drive. Apart from their F1 car of course, but you know only certain types of people can do that. Nevertheless, we have an awesome onboard video of Alexander West driving flat out at the Monza. You know, probably the most famous track in the world. Apart from Nurburgring, obviously.

So, the Ferrari hypercar appeared at a special owners-only event organized at Monza. The Ferrari FXX K is the best Ferrari can offer. They produced 40 units and sell them for 2.7 million a pop.

They probably sold every one of them and this one, driven by West, definitely is an amazing sight to behold. See, Monza have a whole lot of really exciting and challenging corners putting a lot of pressure on the drivers. Don’t make a mistake there.

West certainly did the lap to the best of his ability and the Ferrari FXX K really did “fly” around the track. Alexander is pleased with his experience and he even responded to some of the questions people asked him on youtube.

This answer is probably the most interesting:
“What’s the fastest you’ve been this car? Can it reach 224mph?”

“few straights allows you to go that fast. Maybe le mans but tire pressure would be an issue. usually, peaks at around 310km/h”

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