Fantastic Hellcat vs Grand National Fight Ends Surprisingly Close

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Buick Grand National is sort of an icon in the muscle car world. Not only does it ...

Buick Grand National is sort of an icon in the muscle car world. Not only does it have a magnificent engine under the hood – in this case with 425hp only with bolt on, but it also looks the business. For today the 1987 Buick Grand National races the 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat – the favorite modern muscle car.

Sure, these two are not exactly similar in appearance or in anything else for that matter. Yet, the difference between the two cars is what makes this race so alluring.

As everyone already knows, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat moves about with 707hp which is a whole lot more than the power in the Grand National. Of, course, it’ll win the race, but not without the Grand National putting up quite a fight in the process. See, the older car may not be as powerful, but it is lighter.

That is why it followed the “Fatt Cat” so closely. It was, maybe 80 hp far from keeping up with it and maybe winning the race. This is a bit concerning considering the Hellcat has almost 300hp more. Remember, not long time ago 300hp was easily enough for a car to get a designation of a muscle car.

All in all, this is one race you do not want to miss. Either way it goes, America Wins.

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