Fantastic Restored Hot Wheels Cars Are The Most Satisfying Thing Ever

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Old well preserved Hot Wheels cars are quite a commodity these days. However, ...

Old well preserved Hot Wheels cars are quite a commodity these days. However, there is a channel on the YouTube called the “baremetalHW” which details the restoration process or a custom build of a Hot Wheels car.

This is real and this is cool. As it turns out the restoration process can last for a few hours, but the video “zipped” it to just over seven minutes.

This particular video details the restoration process of the Fleetside transforming the beaten toy to its former glory. It truly is cool to see how the toy goes from bad to awesome.

The process includes removing the paint and the oxidation, methodical sanding, and polishing, restoring the windshield and all the plastic parts including the wheels.

What is cool is that Hot Wheels cars are quite pricey and have huge following. It may be that with a bit of marketing, one could restore and sell restored Hot Wheel cars for a profit.

It would be a neat thing to do.
The video is somehow strangely satisfying and perfect to calm you down after a long day. Actually, go, find a beaten up Hot Wheels car and have it restored. IT could be your next hobby.

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