Fantastic Santa Does A Hot Lap In The Lexus RCF GT3

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As most carmakers out there, Lexus has turned Christmas commercials into the ...

As most carmakers out there, Lexus has turned Christmas commercials into the tradition. Thankfully, the Japanese automaker is among those companies and that get their Holiday advertising right, as proven by this year’s ad.
Well, we all know what sitting on Santa’s lap means, Lexus has reinvented the concept, turning to the RC-F GT3 to achieve its goal.

The velocity tool was manhandled by the pro driver Scott Pruett, who didn’t seem to be bothered by the idea of having to do his thing from inside the Santa suit.

The idea was to have passengers read the incredibly long list of wishes along while being thrown around on Willow Springs. And the children who put their wishes on the list obviously turned to their dreamy side, so quite the hefty part of the items came with names that required more concentration and than most people could achieve under such extreme g-forces.

Willow Springs Raceway is the track that allows extreme contraptions such as the GT3-spec Lexus to deliver stunning velocity values. The racecar mixes the output of over 540 ponies with the impressive scale footprint of 2,576 lbs.

With the V8 animating the machine coming in naturally aspirated form, and the aural part of the experience was just as serious as speedometer readings.

This meant the fans waiting on the side could also enjoy the experience and while preparing for their turn to enjoy the unconventional sleigh moment.

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