Faraday Future Climbs Pikes Peak 23 Sec Faster Than Tesla Model S

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Faraday Future’s presence at this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill ...

Faraday Future’s presence at this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb turned out to be the success, which was basically the only affordable option for the company since the failure would have made its situation even more complicated.

In case you have shut off any news about a startup since the last months of 2016, then you have missed quite the lot.

To put it plainly, Faraday Future has lost its main financial backing from Jia Yueting’s LeEco Chinese empire, so with the few working prototypes and the big hole in the Nevada desert where its factory should be, and it is now looking for potential investors.

They have shown the FF 91 prototype at the start of 2017 in Las Vegas, even though not everybody is on board with a design, this electric crossover certainly is one of the more accomplished battery-powered concepts we have seen lately.

It also appears to be half-finished, and which is more than we can say about most of the rest.

But Faraday Future also set off with very big ambitions, now that the cash has stopped flowing, it needs to come up with significant sums of money.

We are talking billions of dollars here, and no matter how promising your prototype looks, how attractive the EV market is, that is still the frightening amount of cash.

Setting the new record for the production (-ready) EV at Pikes Peak certainly helped Faraday Future’s case, and especially since the FF 91, with its crossover body shape, is even less of the race car than the Model S.

With the time of 11:25:083, the FF 91 beat the Tesla by more than 23 seconds, but we would be surprised if somebody won’t bring the P100D next year to try and get the record back.

Robin Shute, the British GT Championship driver, was the man behind the FF 91’s wheel, he sounds as if he is enjoyed each of the 156 turns of the race. Y

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