Fascinating 8 Second GT500 With NA Engine Got Us All Curious

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Wanna see all American glory? Then please enjoy the video of the 8-second GT500 ...

Wanna see all American glory? Then please enjoy the video of the 8-second GT500 who runs it without the boost. This baby is all motor, no supercharger, turbocharger, blower or anything – only atmosphere.

To get the engine to produce such an insane amount of power without using any boosting thing is quite an undertake. Of course, we doubt anyone would reveal all secrets, but we can conclude this particular GT500 has many modifications done to the engine to give it the power of gods.

Bear in mind that anything can affect naturally aspirated motors. This includes outside temperature, atmospheric pressure, even where the wind is blowing.

Of course, using cars in the normal daily drive and you will probably be pressed to notice anything like that, but when measuring every pass and when every tenth of a second really means a lot then you can almost figure out how the car will behave only by sensing the air and the atmosphere around.

Colder air and closer to the sea level will get one the most of its naturally aspirated engine.

This all-motor GT500 proves anyone can have a lot of fun even without the support of some boosting device. We are curious to see how this thing is built. If you have the info get down to the comments and explain.

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