Fascinating And Innovating CampagnaV13R And R-Rex Driven

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Have you ever heard about the Campagna V13R? Or about the T-Rex? Well, maybe you ...

Have you ever heard about the Campagna V13R? Or about the T-Rex? Well, maybe you did, but we bet you never had an insight like this into everything these fun vehicles can provide. As Engineering Explained puts it, these cars are three wheel Madness. They are fast, happy to kick the back end and are surprisingly sharp.

However, our favorite car guy had something special to demonstrate about them – they are not perfect in any way, shape or form. And not only did he give us a lot of reasons to think twice about these, but he also pointed the manufacturer in the right direction in terms of development.

Now, cars weight at only 1150 lbs which really is next to nothing. V13R uses a Harley Davidson sourced 1.2-liter engine, while the T-Rex enjoys a 1.6 BMW sourced inline six with 160hp. You don’t have to guess twice – these are really fast, but then they are obscenely expensive too.

Unlike the Polaris Slingshot which is almost reasonable in pricing, these two sell for more than 50 grand. Now, anyone with half a brain would be hard pressed to find the right reason to buy any of these. Sure, they are pretty fast, but cmon, one can buy a freaking M3 for the money. And it has a roof.

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