Fascinating Escape From Blazing Wildfire In A Truck

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Escaping an incredible wildfire in a truck should only be a scene in some action ...

Escaping an incredible wildfire in a truck should only be a scene in some action movie plot. Not for this two man though. Michael Luciano of Gatlinburg Tennessee had the misfortune of getting stuck in a small town embezzled in a wildfire. He jumped in his friend’s truck and the two did all they could in trying to escape the fiery blaze.

They caught it all on camera demonstrating incredible bravery and the insane nightmare they had to go through.

Both guys were very nervous but keeping calm wouldn’t do anything, would it? That is why one of them suggested (quite loudly) to keep moving and to hit the gas despite not being able to see anything through the windshield. There was that much smoke out there.

Eastern Tennessee wildfire was lethal to some. It claimed lives of seven people, injured 53, scorched over 15,500 acres of land, damaged more than 700 homes, and sent thousands fleeing for their lives.

Thanks to the truck, bravery, and fast move, these two survived and they saved their dog too. What is more, they motivated one man who had lost all hope of getting off the mountain. He followed them in a car to safety.

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