Fascinating Randy Winkle Dragster As One Of The Best

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See that green amazing dragster at the start? It’s the Competition Coupe named One ...

See that green amazing dragster at the start? It’s the Competition Coupe named One Bad Hombre. And a gangster it is. The thing about this one is the engine placement. Competition Coupe class does allow for participants to create unique machines placing the engine at any plate of desire.

And the Bad Hombre of Randy Winkle has its engine placed in front of the driving cabin. Rather unusual for the dragster, but obviously awesome.

Interestingly, the thing had to have a production body to comply with the regulations.

The 360ci engine sits up front powering the dragster to 60 feet in 1.1 seconds. It may not seem like a massive dragster, but it surely is a fast one.

It even employs 10-inch wide slicks. Not particularly wide. Actually small in the world of drag racing. Yet, the car has a certain attraction to it. Especially thanks to mid-seven second pass regardless of running a conservative 4 lbs boost on the engine.

Sure, the car received a staggering amount of modifications over the years, and here, at the 2016 Meltdown Drags, the thing really shines. Back in the day Randy Winkle Jr’s 1964 Competition Coupe – One Bad Hombre, put down numbers like these:
Max power – 700hp, max torque – 700 lb/ft, weight – 1300 lbs, ET – 7.50 sec

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