Fast And Furious 8 “Wrecking Ball” Movie Clip + Behind The Scenes

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We are still not sure which stunt is going to be the biggest one when it comes to ...

We are still not sure which stunt is going to be the biggest one when it comes to The Fate of the Furious AKA Fast 8, and this wrecking ball scene sure looks like a blast.

Ever since the first movie, the Fast And Furious franchise has been bringing us many  memorable stunts that we still remember today. Remember Dom And Brian playing chicken with that train at the end of the first movie, and with both of them barely making them across the tracks in time? Classic!

In the latest installment, the gang apparently thought that the wrecking ball might come in handy while they are being chased, and apparently, it worked like charm.

According to the special effects supervisor J.D. Schwalm, the ball weighed no less than 32,000 lbs (14.5 tons) and both vehicles as well as the ball were traveling at about 64 km/h (40 mph) during the collision.

Safe to say, the vehicles lost that battle. In fact, 14.5 tons is enough to plow through the convoy of Volvos, and those are some pretty strong vehicles.

The Fate of the Furious hits theaters on April 14th.

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