How Fast Is A Tesla P100D At The Dragstrip – Let’s Find Out Vs P90D Ludicrous

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The new Tesla P100D is out, and everybody who’s been drag racing their P90Ds ...

The new Tesla P100D is out, and everybody who’s been drag racing their P90Ds until now is going to be very curious to know just how much faster Tesla and managed to make its latest Model S version.

And even more curious than the P90D owners are going to be the drivers of the conventionally-powered cars who come up against these vehicles. Well, investing plenty of money and time in tuning the American muscle car or the Japanese import only to get demolished on the quarter-mile drag strip by the stock electric car doesn’t bode well for those on the losing side.

This time, however, it’s going to be the all-electric duel. The father and son from Tesla Racing Channel have finally gotten around to taking their newest acquisition, the Model S P100D, to the drag track along with their previous ICE tormenter, the P90D. Four passes, four chances to see difference between Tesla’s former and the current Model S range-topping versions.

Sadly, this isn’t the quarter-mile track, but an eight-mile one. That means the distance these two vehicles have to cover is only twice as long as that on which Bolt likes to sprint. But the two promise the quarter-mile race is coming soon, so stay tuned.

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