Ferrari 458-Swapped Toyota GT86 Has The Most Beastly Exhaust Rumble

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A few months ago we learned of the project car so epic that it will likely spawn ...

A few months ago we learned of the project car so epic that it will likely spawn several copycats.

That’s not a bad thing mind you, and we bet the folks at Ferrari HQ in Maranello won’t like it one bit. Well, that’s because it involves swapping out a marvelous naturally aspirated 4.5-liter V8 from a Ferrari 458 Italia and placing it under the hood of the Toyota GT86.

This is such a stupid idea that it is so good. Pro drifter Ryan Tuerck may soon be public enemy number one for Ferrari because he’s the mad genius.

The guy has just ignited his newly V8-powered GT86, and now called the GT-486, and it sounds magnificent. RIP headphone users. What a glorious sound! And yes, it shoots fireballs.

Of course the coupe also requires the ton of modifications to its body and structure in order to handle all of the extra power.

After all, the stock GT86 has 200 horsepower compared to the 458’s 570. The vehicle still isn’t done being built yet, we can’t wait to see the end result. This guy will be a legend. And, like we said, this is going to be epic.

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