Ferrari 488 Spider Unboxing Video Shows All The Extra Goodies

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When acquiring the high-end sports car you can’t help but see the procedure as ...

When acquiring the high-end sports car you can’t help but see the procedure as something exceptional, and especially if you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on it.

Well, Ferrari aficionados love getting a same experience even from the used car, which is why the model with all its factory supplies intact is the win in everyone’s book.

That said, the car can be unwrapped like any other product, and Ferretti shows you how. A brand-new Prancing Horse comes equipped with the wide array of OEM accessories, ranging from a toolkit to the car cover, and everything in between.

Discovering and going through them is as exciting and as unwrapping presents, even if they are just the owner’s manual and the service log. It may sound strange, but all these things help the certain vehicle retain its value, it’s imperative to keep them intact, along with the vehicle.

Some may argue against buying the car and keeping it in mint condition for the next owner, that’s the only way to reduce your resale losses.

High-end supercars, like the Ferrari 488 Spider, will eventually depreciate, so keeping them like new, with all their accessories intact is the must if you don’t want to lose a ton of money.

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