The Ferrari Daytona Is Among The Most Beautiful Supercars Of All Time!

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The original name of this gorgeous automobile is Ferrari 365 GTB/4, but the world ...

The original name of this gorgeous automobile is Ferrari 365 GTB/4, but the world prefers to call it Daytona. It is, without question, one of the finest, most beautiful supercars ever made. If you enjoy watching classic cars, you’re about to be blown away.

The Ferrari Daytona wasn’t a proper supercar, rather designed to be a true grand tourer. That fact is further proven by the engine placement, as the Daytona sported a front-engine, rear wheel drive setup. Compared to some of its counterparts, such as the Lamborghini Miura, this setup was slightly outdated, but it only gives a special charm to this brilliant machine.

Still, with 352 horsepower coming from that 4.4L V12, the Daytona was definitely not a slouch. Coupled with a five-speed manual transmission, it was simply a joy to drive. Sure, it had a pretty heavy clutch, like all Italian supercars from that era, but the mean rumble of that giant engine, and the gloriously designed body made it so highly desirable.

Nowadays, Daytona is more special than ever, and that trend is only gonna continue in the future.

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