Ferrari Destroyed In Huge Accident After Brakes Fail

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Sometimes, the lessons we take from the track day come at the staggering price for ...

Sometimes, the lessons we take from the track day come at the staggering price for those who deliver them. Case in point with this Ferrari 488 wreck we are here to discuss.

This accident took place yesterday on Estoril, with the Portuguese track witnessing the Prancing Horse ordeal that’s extremely difficult to watch.

Unofficial reports talk about the brake failure, with the Ferrari 488 having purportedly undergone brake maintenance at the dealer just before hitting the track.

We will break some more or less written rules and tell you that this driver reportedly got away with minor injuries.

With that out of the way, we will give the guy behind the wheel the round of applause for knowing how to cut his losses.

And that is because this crash could’ve easily turned into the two-car collision. However, as the Ferrari 488 passes the braking point and approaches the bend at terrifying speed, it is obvious that the driver aims for the inside to avoid the Ferrari 458 Speciale that was negotiating the bend at normal pace.

Once the man in this 488 GTB, who reportedly has pro racing experience, passed the 458 Speciale, he got the car sideways, and he could kill as much velocity as possible before hitting a tire wall. Luckily, the massive gravel trap on the outside of the bend also helped with the deceleration.

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