Ferrari FXX K Doing 200+ MPH At Daytona Is As Impressive As It Sounds

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Earlier this week, we showed you video of the bunch of Ferrari FXX Ks ripping ...

Earlier this week, we showed you video of the bunch of Ferrari FXX Ks ripping around Daytona at Ferrari’s Finali Mondiali event last weekend.

It’s the epic video, but today, we have got something even better–an onboard of the FXX K shrieking around a famous Florida track. It’s perfection.

The driver in this video doesn’t hold back at all, with speeds apparently exceeding 200 mph on Daytona’s steep baking. There’s the number of other FXX Ks on track, and while they are not racing, they are all flexing their muscles as Ferrari intended.

A lot of vehicles have driven at Daytona in its long history, but it’s hard to imagine any that sound better than the FXX K.

The noise is provided by the 6.3-liter, naturally aspirated V12 that produces 847 hp and revs beyond 9000 rpm. That engine is augmented by the electric motor that brings everything to a total system output of 1035 hp, a number that’s as impressive as the noise.

Ferrari holding its year-ending motorsports event at Daytona was the inspired choice, and the video below proves it. Ideally, this won’t be the last time the FXX K finds itself on Daytona’s banking.

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That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.