LaFerrari Promotional Video Is Why The Ferrari Is Definitely THE BEST

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The best, most exclusive and most incredible Ferrari of all time finally got the ...

The best, most exclusive and most incredible Ferrari of all time finally got the YouTube introduction it deserves. This is the official promotional video for the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta, a car so sick, it was already sold out despite the price of a few million dollars.

As every story with the Ferrari goes, the promotional clip for the LaFerrari Aperta is one of the most exciting piece of frames stitched together you will ever see.

None other than Sebastian Vettel comes in as the driver and in every second of the journey with the Aperta he sees himself as a racing driver driving the most astonishing Ferrari racecars from the past.

It goes to say, that LaFerrari Aperta combines all the fantastic aspects of the previous amazing cars and makes it all into one. No question about it, this video will get you misty.

The Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta is the most powerful Ferrari roofless car ever. The thing has a hybrid propulsion drive built around the V12 engine and about 950hp in total. This translates into fascinating acceleration times, astonishing sound, incredible poise and corner speed and unbelievable look.

Please enjoy your Ferrari LaFerrari, at least on the Internet. As for those curious, LaFerrari Aperta probably ships for more than $2 mil a piece. If you can find one “used” that is.

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