What Is A Final Drive Ratio? What Does Changing It Do?

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A car’s gearing is all about compromise. Taller gears allow for the higher ...

A car’s gearing is all about compromise. Taller gears allow for the higher top speed and better fuel economy, while shorter gears give you rip-snorting acceleration.

Well, the problem is that changing individual ratios in the gearbox can be a tricky mess. And changing the entire gearbox can be prohibitively expensive.

But if you want better acceleration (or more top speed), there is the easier solution to your problem: Change your final drive ratio.

The gears within your transmission aren’t the only gears in the car. There’s also the gear in the rear differential that puts the power to the ground.

This is known as the final drive. And by fitting the shorter final drive you can achieve better acceleration, since you can increase the amount of torque to the wheels, or you can fit the taller one and increase your top speed.

Of course, if you do it to increase acceleration, you will run into a few issues (poor fuel economy, noisier since you will be at higher revs more frequently), so you will need to decide your priorities.

But if you don’t want to add power, it’s the good way to go quicker. We will let Engineering Explained take it from here:

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