Find Out Why The Datsun Sunny Is The Coolest Pickup Truck Ever Made!

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Selecting the coolest pickup truck of all time isn’t as easy task, simply ...

Selecting the coolest pickup truck of all time isn’t as easy task, simply because of the many factors one has to consider. For starters, pickups are supposed be rugged, durable and powerful enough to tow heavy loads while looking completely badass in the process.

Well, this terrific small pickup basically has none of those things. Datsun Sunny was built in the ’90s, but in all honesty, looks quite a bit older than that. When it comes to power, this nimble machine definitely won’t blow anyone away in a drag race either, and pulling massive loads is nothing more than a pipe dream.

Still, this unique vehicle has the x factor you cannot really put a finger on. Any true JDM enthusiast would love to own this brilliant ride much rather than any of the modern day monsters. The Sunny will take you back into times when everything seemed much simpler, and after a while, you’ll start viewing this beauty as a family member. Not a lot of cars have that built-in charisma. It makes this Datsun so incredibly special!

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