Find Out How Hot A Car Exhaust Gets With A Help Of Thermal Camera!

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Regular subscribers of Youtube channel Engineering Explained have grown accustomed ...

Regular subscribers of Youtube channel Engineering Explained have grown accustomed to watching awesome automotive related content which is backed up by science! Today, we are bringing you one of their most exciting videos in recent memory.

The boys decided to acquire a thermal camera and test the heat coming from the exhaust of Honda S2000! Now, basically everybody knows that exhausts can get very hot, but the results of this study even caught us by surprise.

As expected, the Catalytic converters get the most heat. This part of the exhaust is used to transform dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into less harmful compounds such as water, oxygen, and nitrogen. To function properly, this area needs to achieve temperatures of above 400 degrees Celsius, and even after a few minutes, it gets noticeably warmer that the rest of the exhaust components.

Interestingly, the mufflers don’t reach great temperatures, and exhaust fumes are actually way hotter in comparison. To find out the details of this awesome experiment, click on the video below and enjoy!

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