Find Out Why The Lamborghini Miura Is The Coolest Car Ever Made!

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Lamborghini Miura is one of the most legendary supercars in existence. Only 750 ...

Lamborghini Miura is one of the most legendary supercars in existence. Only 750 units were ever made, and these iconic vehicles are worth jaw-dropping $1.5 million nowadays! Still, if you are into classic cars, you’d much rather buy one of these than the latest Huracan, am I right?

Naturally, as with all vintage Italian supercars, reliability was always an afterthought, so don’t expect miracles here either. However, if you are looking for a timeless classic, which has the most wonderful design imaginable, it’s hard to outdo Miura.

The mid-rear mounted roaring V12 sits right behind the driver, protected only by a glass case, so one can marvel at this engineering feat at work. When it comes to performances, it’s important to mention that Miura was considered to be the fastest car in the world at the time of its release, and that means a lot.

Even our old acquittance Shmee150 was in awe of this legendary ride, and we know that he already owns some of the finest supercars of today. How can one not get moved by this brilliant supercar?

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