Find Out What’s The Best Sports Sedan On The Market!

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When the boys from Youtube’s Motor Trend Channel do a vehicle comparison, ...

When the boys from Youtube’s Motor Trend Channel do a vehicle comparison, they go all out! This time, they will try to decide what’s the best sports sedan on the market. To be as objective as possible, they brought 4 gorgeous vehicles to the track.

First off, we have the Mercedes AMG C63, a ride that’s probably the least sporty of the bunch, but more than makes up for it with exquisite levels of luxury. Still, with the added 200 lbs of weight, it will have a tough time hanging with the competition today.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we find a Cadillac CTS V, a vehicle so ferocious that it’s hard not to love it. Although it’s quite basic in features, it simply kills it around the track!

Next in line is the BMW M3 Competition Package. Many individuals complained that the regular M3 simply wasn’t good enough, so the Bavarian engineers answered in devastating fashion!

Rounding up the list is the magnificent Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, a sedan designed by Alfa and powered by a twin turbo engine derived from a Ferrari.

The only question is, which sedan is the best one?

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