A Finished Unit Every 27 Seconds – This Is How A Gearbox Is Made

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Back in February, SEAT announced it had won the contract to produce the new ...

Back in February, SEAT announced it had won the contract to produce the new transmission for the Volkswagen Group. The cog swapper in question is called MQ281, the manual transmission that was developed exclusively for vehicles based on MQB platform.

Built by SEAT Components in El Prat de Llobregat, Spain, the MQ281 will be used by Volkswagen Passat, among many other nameplates. With the help of POV cameras installed at the different stages of the process, the Spanish automaker intends to showcase what it takes to produce this gearbox.

SEAT prides itself on producing the transmission every 27 seconds at the Spanish plant, which makes for the huge volume when you think how many seconds are there in the workday.

In 2016, for example, SEAT Components manufactured the total of 661,277 transmissions. The figure is expected to increase this year. And until 2019, production is said to reach 800,000 units.

In the first instance, ingots of aluminum are loaded into kilns for melting at 700 degrees Celsius. And following this process, injection molding machines solidify the aluminum into the rough part in 20 seconds.

Some of the components then undergo heat treatment at the temperature of 900 degrees Celsius for up to 14 hours. This is needed to ensure service life, and which SEAT estimates to be roughly 250,000 kilometers (155,350 miles) on average.

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