First Old 2005 Ford GT And New 2017 Ford GT Comparison

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New Ford GT finally hit the streets, tracks, and journalists all over the world. ...

New Ford GT finally hit the streets, tracks, and journalists all over the world. As we have awesome reviews coming in, it seems that Doug deMuro is the only one to do just what we wanted – compare the old 2005 Ford GT with the latest 2017 Ford GT. And here it is – 20-minute video in all its entirety.

Sure, the 2017 Ford GT and the 2005 Ford GT are totally different cars.

Not only do they differ in power level their engines deliver, but it seems that Ford had a totally different agenda with either one of them. The latest car is a carbon-fiber heaven.

With a monocoque chassis, integrated roll bar and special race more, the car seems to be more than capable track machine. In fact, driving characteristics do prove it to be more than suitable for the track endeavors.

Doug deMuro did point out quite a bit of difference between the old car and a new car.

As it seems, the old car was more comfortable and better suited for a longer drive, but the new model, considering its quite narrow cabin, definitely will feel the best on the track.

So, this is the first comparison test between the old 2005 Ford GT and the latest supercar the 2017 Ford GT certainly is.

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