How To Fix Your Speedometer For Different Size Tires

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It is the problem many may not know they are experiencing until flashing lights in ...

It is the problem many may not know they are experiencing until flashing lights in a rearview mirror tell them otherwise. How do you know if your car is reading the accurate speed? And if it isn’t accurate, how do you go about fixing a problem?

Have no fear, because Fenske from Engineering Explained is here to show us, and it’s the fairly simple diagnosis and fix.

Jason Fenske uses his personal Honda S2000 as the test mule, but the process in the video below can be applied to nearly any car. If you are curious, his speedometer is off due to Fenske adjusting the final drive ratio, and different wheel and tire combos can similarly throw off the speedo.

First, it’s essential to see how high or low the speedometer is reading. In the S2000’s case, it’s reading 7.4 percent too high, showing a speed of 87 mph when Jason is traveling at a GPS-verified speed of 80.4 mph.

The problem can be solved with the Yellow Box correction kit. Plugging the correction kit into the S2000’s speed sensor, which is located on a transmission, allows the Yellow Box to read a speedometer, and, when properly programmed, make the correction.

Once the Yellow Box is plugged into a transmission, turn the to accessory mode to power a Yellow Box and lights will begin to flash on the device.

The flashes will tell you a current correction factor that is programmed. Out of the box, it is 100 percent, with 1 signified by the quick flash and 0 indicated by the longer flash.

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