Flame-Spitting ’99 Firebird Shows Who’s The King In No Prep Drag Racing

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If you love anything fast and insane, then here’s a badass ride that’s ...

If you love anything fast and insane, then here’s a badass ride that’s an amazing balance of both. It’s a 1999 Pontiac Firebird raced by champion grudge racer, Birdman, and it’s one fast and wicked ride that can intimidate and jump scare anyone in its vicinity.

The nasty sounds and thick smokes all coming out of this Firebird sure are an obvious demonstration that it’s something you wouldn’t want to mess with on the track. And guess what? It’s really that ride you are thinking it is, smoking out any other ride in this run featured below. Add the cool flame spitting and everything is just pure gearhead bliss.

What propels this Firebird? It’s actually fitted with a twin-turbo Big-Block Chevy 622. Well, not only does the setup under the hood looks sick, the body and stance in this beast are killer too. It features some cool purple flame-like airbrush work at the front end whose form and setup is even cooler. The unique wheels, big tires and exhaust coming out of the side completes the striking look as well.

Check the rest of it through the video below.

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