Focus RS Vs Mustang Drag Race: Hot Hatch Takes On Muscle Car Icon

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Even now when the third incarnation of a Ford Focus RS is preparing to move into ...

Even now when the third incarnation of a Ford Focus RS is preparing to move into its second model year, a manic hatch continues to shine brighter than its Nitrous Blue shade.

One of the reasons behind the compact weapon’s go-fast aura is the fact that it can easily take on a Mustang. Given a fact that the spicy compact has borrowed its 2.3-liter heart from the EcoBoost Mustang, and certain drivers of the muscle car’s V8 version might not see the Focus as the actual competitor, especially when talking about the straight-line battle.

Nevertheless, the Focus RS has already proven its might in terms of drag racing, and with its high-IQ all-wheel-drive system delivering take-offs that are nothing short of menacing.

Well, to make things even spicier, the Ford family drag race we want to show you today adds the typically British element, namely the capricious weather. The 2016 Focus RS dukes it out with the Mustang GT on the damp airfield.

Given this detail, the Mustang’s start has serious chances of qualifying for the drifting episode, with the big question being related to what happens after a GT-badged pony makes friends with the wet asphalt underneath it.

The Auto Express-delivered shenanigan you can find in this video is a standing kilometer adventure, so there’s enough room for the Mustang to put its five-oh V8 to good use. Did anybody say drifting?

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