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Everyone has their own preference and outlook about cars and this Ford guy below ...

Everyone has their own preference and outlook about cars and this Ford guy below is one of those that firmly knows what he wants and what he does not.

He is Thorsten Seitz and he collects economy cars from Ford. He has a collection of Ford classics that depicts nothing but his love for vintage rides and its plain, simple and elegant look.

Thorsten’s collection are Ford cars he bought and restored with no frills whatsoever. He doesn’t like his ride to be overly sporty or skinned to look like what it shouldn’t be.

He is a fan of no exaggeration. He doesn’t like exaggerated fenders, excessively wide rims or crazy tire sizes. Got a customized Ford classic that’s built to show off? He’ll definitely take a pass on it without any doubt.

He appreciates simplicity and would prefer a base model any day even if it means a lot of work for restoration. Well he even bought through eBay a Cortina that’s on the brink of its death. He likes bench seat and a column gear shift for a car and the Cortina, though somewhat already a junk, has those making it more likable for him.

His views and his stance may make him look like a bit snob but he knows what to desire as a car enthusiast. He understands the diversity amongst people’s preferences and he stands for what are his.

Check out his story and his wonderful collection with the video below.

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