Ford Edge Movie With Mads Mikkelsen Is Quite Badass

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Making short films to promote cars has become a sort of a golden standard in the ...

Making short films to promote cars has become a sort of a golden standard in the car industry. Not only do manufacturers hire fantastic movie directors, but also popular actors.

Remember, BMW started out with BMW Films production. This time they hired Clive Oven.

Now, Ford UK released an all new short film with its crossover Edge. Called Le Fantôme, Jake Scott film starring Mads Mikkelsen is quite a nice short story.

Created to promote the Edge, the eight-minute film features an assassin who was about to kill the couple for some reason.

Luckily for them, they drove the Ford Edge and the assassin Mads Mikkelsen fell in love with it and did not kill them. He even went so far as to steal the Ford Edge and gave them a cool old bike in return.

Filmed in Beautiful Croatia, the car, the scenery, and the plot are amazing. What we have here is the best possible Ford Edge available in the UK. Only diesel exist for Europe, but we are sure we heard a six-cylinder petrol rumble in this movie. Watch it through and see how badass is the Edge. It even seduces assassins.

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