Ford Fiesta ST200 Drag Races MINI John Cooper Works Hatch

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Even though on paper, a MINI John Cooper Works has more power and torque than the ...

Even though on paper, a MINI John Cooper Works has more power and torque than the Fiesta ST200, the Ford happens to be the lighter vehicle. Naturally, this type of discrepancy is enough to make automotive journalists curious and sure enough, and Auto Express set out to find out which is the faster car, not just over a mile, but also to 30 mph, 60 mph and 100 mph. How both cars did and which outscored which, you can find out by playing this video. We will however help you out by stating a few facts about weight, top speed and power that you should take into account. At 2,563 lbs, the Fiesta ST200 is clearly the lighter vehicle when compared to the MINI JCW, which comes in at around 2,854 lbs. Take that weight difference, and add in the fact that there’s only around 30 PS between them, and you’d be right to think this drag race should be pretty close. But, aside from having more power, the MINI John Cooper also has 236 lb-ft of torque compared to the Ford’s 213 lb-ft, plus a higher top speed at 152 mph to the Fiesta’s 142 mph. Which one would you bet on to hit those speed markers quicker though, eventually win the drag race?

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