Ford Focus RS Tries Out Its Luck With Charger SRT, Nismo 370Z And GTI

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Ford Focus RS won’t produce “new Tesla Model S-like YouTube acceleration ...

Ford Focus RS won’t produce “new Tesla Model S-like YouTube acceleration frenzy”. It just isn’t fast enough for that. However, it is quick. Some even want to put it against fierce competition such as the Charger, the SRT8, or the Nismo 370Z. What is most astonishing, this little hot-hatch stacks up well.

While the Focus RS is stock for the occasion, the other monster cars it fights against aren’t. True, the Mk7 Golf GTI has been radically altered and improved in every way possible and it is one of the faster ones we ever saw.

On the other hand, the muscle car and the import have not been radically enhanced. After all, massive power ups would be feasible only with the installation of a supercharger setup which has not been done.

Nevertheless, the race is quite interesting as the Focus RS driver uses launch control for  standing start where all four wheels grip to surge the car forward. All other cars in this strange drag racing mashup fight with a two wheel drive. We remind you that the Focus RS features a 2,3 liter, turbocharged four-cylinder with 345hp.

The other cars here are all more powerful due to higher engine capacity or rather generous modifications. Enjoy it.

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