Four Reasons Why The Rotary Engine Is Currently Dead

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You have probably heard of the Mazda RX-8, one of the rare modern cars with the ...

You have probably heard of the Mazda RX-8, one of the rare modern cars with the Wankel or rotary Mazda engine.

However, if you want to search for other vehicles with rotary engines you might encounter the problem – there is the very small number of them. The video below explains the four reasons why rotary Mazda engines are fading out.

The thermal efficiency of a rotary Mazda engines is horrible compared to that of normal engines because a combustion chamber is way too long and the fuel that doesn’t burn goes out exhaust pipe.

It’s tough to make the rotary engine with the proper seal because of the uneven temperature in combustion.

The engine has oil injected directly in it because it needs to have the tight seal at all times and it is effectively burning oil every time you press on the gas.

Rotary Mazda engines have terrible emissions because they burn oil, and they don`t burn all of the fuel. They throw it out of the exhaust instead. And the fuel economy is also terrible and it wastes the lot of oil, and the next time you think about buying one of these because they are cool and hip, remember there’s the reason they`re dying out!

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