Freevalve Camless Engine? Get The Info From Christian Von Koenigsegg

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For those familiar with the Christian Von Koenigsegg, you will probably already ...

For those familiar with the Christian Von Koenigsegg, you will probably already know that the founder of the hypercar manufacturer bearing his name has been developing an engine without the camshaft for many years.

Earlier in the year, we got our first taste of the advanced engine through a FreeValve subsidiary which Koenigsegg created.

Then, the few months later, the engine made its concept vehicle debut in China with local automaker Qoros now thanks to /Drive, we know how that engine came to fruition.

The Swedish marque started with a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine found within existing Qoros cars and re-engineered it to support its camless technology. Well, what this means is that instead of the camshaft, the engine’s values are opened by the pneumatic value actuators and closed via springs or air pressure.

And each valve of the engine can be controlled and manipulated individually, providing the unique form of variable valve lift and simplifying a process of cylinder deactivation.

With the Qoros camless engine, Koenigsegg says torque is 47 per cent higher than a normal 1.6-liter and that horsepower has increased by the significant 45 per cent.

What’s more, fuel consumption is improved by 15 per cent, and emissions are down by 35 per cent and it is also significantly lighter.

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