The Future Of Flight: 5 Insane Personal Planes

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Wondering what’s in store for the future of personal┬áplanes? Here’s a ...

Wondering what’s in store for the future of personal┬áplanes? Here’s a mind-boggling glimpse…

First up is the Chinese-built EHANG 184 which has been approved for testing in Nevada, home of the infamous Area 51 Advanced Aircraft Testing Site. Once operational, you can hop in, specify your destination on a touchscreen, and sit back to enjoy the ride!

Next is the Flynano, a single-seat carbon fiber plane with the highest power-to-weight ratio available in the market. The best part is that you don’t even need to have a license to pilot it in some jurisdictions! Equally impressive is the Cobalt Valkyrie which is powered by a turbocharged 250 hp, 260 kW engine that rockets the plane to a whopping 482 kph.

If you wish to become a real pilot, the ICON A5 may just be the fastest and cheapest way to do it. As a light-sport aircraft, the A5 is capable of taking off and landing from water or a runway. Last but not least is the Joby Aviation S2. This remarkable plane will use 12 tilting propellers for multi-rotor vertical takeoff and landing. With its four rotors at the back of the wings and tail fins, this sleek flyer will be able to fly for 200 miles at 200 mph.

So, which of these personal planes would you like to try out in the future?

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