How To Get Cancer! Man Inhales Smoke From Alfa Romeo Exhaust

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Guys have fun in the unique way only guys can understand. No matter how hard you ...

Guys have fun in the unique way only guys can understand. No matter how hard you try to explain it to somebody with loads of estrogen hormone, and they would hardly get it.

Been there, done that, haven’t you? However, the Russians take the manly kind of fun to the whole different level, especially when it comes to Petrolheads!

They often do the unimaginable, and things that hardly anyone has the courage to do. This video is the actual proof of what we are talking about. It is rather straightforward, but its simplicity makes us roll on the floor laughing! You’ll immediately get the picture of what is going on right after seeing the setup!

The guy with protection goggles, holding a cloth in his hands, sitting behind the Alfa Romeo 156. This probably reveals it all, but wait until you see it!

Then, this brave human being gives a cue, sticks his cloth to the exhaust pipe. On the other hand, his friend in the vehicle pushes the pedal to the metal, and a few seconds later our white hero turned black!

Insanely hilarious! And his friend`s reaction after the transformation is priceless. Another normal day in Russia!

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That was really over the top. What do you think of this next video?