Get A Load Of This BERSERK 650 WHP Subaru STI!

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Subaru STI is a terrific automobile, known for being able to maintain incredible ...

Subaru STI is a terrific automobile, known for being able to maintain incredible speeds on practically every surface. Perhaps that’s the very reason why automotive enthusiasts love it so much. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to slide around on gravel while going at 60 mph?

Furthermore, these things have a reputation of being very reliable and rugged as well, especially when it comes to tuning. Well, if you want to find evidence for that claim, look no further that the one in front of you.

This wicked machine has gone through a serious rebuild, and now, the results are absolutely mind-blowing. This Subaru STI is capable of producing otherworldly 650 whp! To put that in perspective, the latest Nissan GT-R, which is known as a supercars killer, produces 565 horsepower!

Let’s also mention that most of those rides cost significantly more than this insane sports car. Naturally, it’s not refined in the slightest, but the sheer adrenaline raise it provides is second to none! Would you ever dare to sit behind the wheel of such a furious machine?

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