Get A Load Of This Lovely Classic 1946 Chevrolet Suburban Carryall

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It’s crazy to think that 1946 Chevrolet Suburban Carryall is already 70 ...

It’s crazy to think that 1946 Chevrolet Suburban Carryall is already 70 years old. Despite the age, this fabulous ride is still quite a looker, and any classic car enthusiast would kill for a chance to own one of these bad boys.

Born right after the great depression, this truck had slim chances of ever reaching nationwide popularity, and yet, drivers across the country fell totally in love with it. Primarily advertised as a truck for smaller businesses, intended to transport workers from one location to another, it’s simply astonishing how iconic this ride has become.

Although quite practical, these trucks were seriously underpowered from the start, sporting a tiny inline-six engine which only pumped out 60 horsepower to the wheels. This was later upgraded to a more manageable 79 hp, as the compression rate climbed to 6:1.

After the war, this chromed out vehicle was quite dazzling, and really stood out from the competition, which was going for a more conservative, cost-effective design. Perhaps that’s the reasons why these rides are considered classics. To check out one phenomenal 1946 Chevy Suburban, click on the video below!

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