Get A Load Of This Wild 450 WHP Turbo BMW E46 M3

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The BMW E46 M3 is definitely one of the most iconic vehicles this German ...

The BMW E46 M3 is definitely one of the most iconic vehicles this German manufacturer has ever produced. Even nowadays, these beauties are holding up just fine, and their market value certainly tells the same story. Today, you are about to see one shiny example of why this vehicles are so highly desirable.

This epic 450 WHP Horsepower Freaks Turbo BMW E46 M3 has been highly modified, and it can easily compete with most modern rides out there. Naturally, this build included more than $14,000 worth of aftermarket parts, but the end results are amazing.

Horsepower Freaks was a famous BMW tuning company, who are now out of business, but in their hay day, have made some insane rides. They’ve been known for extracting up to 800 horsepower from the E46, but on this model, the power output stayed at a manageable 450, an ideal number for a fantastic daily driver.

Matt Farah took it around the twisty canyon roads, and he certainly seemed impressed by it. Click on the video below to check out this beauty in action!

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