Giant Pumpkin Vs Tractor! Only A Yank Would Waste That Much Food!

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In the video below we are going to learn how to crash the giant pumpkin with the ...

In the video below we are going to learn how to crash the giant pumpkin with the tractor doing it in the old classic way, stepping and driving on it.

Having the field full of pumpkins would require some harvesting done by the workers, and it they complain what is next thing to do?

Will eating them is one solution and you can eat only one giant pumpkin and what about the rest? The best way of getting rid of the pumpkins is to drive the tractor in the field and crash all of them with the tires.

This will be one fun experience and the lesson too, crashing those pumpkins to the seeds of it and leaving not one saint pumpkin to take it home.

Well, this can be done to the mean neighbor too. And if you two get into fight about which field has the better and larger pumpkins, then just get your tractor and go in his field, just to have some fun with it, to show him how it is done.

Here on this video made by YouTube channel Ventrac we don’t have only one pumpkin, we have the dozen of them and they are all lined up for the challenge.

Will they stand strong against this tractor or they are going to surrender as any other fruit would do when it sees that great tire coming in their way.

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