Giant RC Peterbilt 359 Truck Looks So Sweet And Cute Towing A Baby

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This Peterbilt 359 looks too small for an actual semi but who needs a big rig when ...

This Peterbilt 359 looks too small for an actual semi but who needs a big rig when someone only needs it to tow a cute baby? It’s a radio-controlled Peterbilt 359 truck, and it’s one sweet toy complete with all the smoke from its exhausts and the mild sounds from its “engine.”

The RC truck wears a near-perfect Peterbilt appearance that it almost seemed like you’re watching an actual semi towing a giant baby. And it sure is built not just by some conventional plastic as it can tow not only a baby but a grown adult too. Together with her father, the baby cruises around the neighborhood for some relaxing fun.

No one can sure blame the baby if it grows to be a die-hard trucker with her getting a taste of an awesome trucking experience. Well, she might even end up asking for an actual Peterbilt truck as early as 7.

And before you go complaining about all the “smoke” going straight into the baby’s face, you should know that it’s just all water vapor. Not just a typical water vapor but a fruit-flavored one. Sweet!

Check it out too through the video below.

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Unbelievable. Want another video like that? Check out the one below.